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PU adhesive foam Soudabond

It is a PU adhesive foam in polyurethane, quick drying and spray gun glue.

- Bonding of insulation panels (EPS, XPS, PUR / PIR, PF, cork, etc.) on walls;
- Bonding of plasterboard, fiber, cement to walls;
- Filling of joints and cavities;
- Bonding of cellular concrete (AAC) and flat stone on non-structural walls.

ATTENTION: The use of Soudabond Easy for the bonding of perforated bricks is prohibited due to restrictions of European patents.


- Bonds countless types of materials and panels, very easily;
- Significant reduction of weight and space, without the need of mortar or spatula;
- Application can be completed very quickly;
- Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation;
- Excellent stability (no shrinkage or post-expansion);
- 1 Packaging glue up to 14m2 insulation material;
- Class of fire resistance B2;
- Very precise application due to the system of use with pistol;
- Resistant to solvents, paints and chemicals.

Capacity: 750ml

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