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In a context of innovation and digitization of the construction sector, BIM (Building Information Modeling) assumes a leading role as a work methodology which materializes the opportunities that companies, professionals and governments seek to achieve, all over the world.
Thus, BIM is a collaborative method based on a virtual model of a building or infrastructure, which incorporates all the applicable information throughout its lifecycle. Therefore, it is a digital construction process, which allows the creation, centralization, exchange and management of valuable information between all those involved on a certain process.
The key idea is that the right people have the right information at the right time!


In contrast to CAD, which is a Computer Aided Design that has been optimized to produce 2D or 3D drawings, composed of lines, circles, text, rectangles, among others, the BIM Library is an integrated database of manufacturer information, consisting of parametric objects with associated relevant information.
On the other hand, BIM Objects that make up the Library are digital replicas of real products that, in addition to their geometric representation, contain all the properties and information, in order to support technicians on the decision-making throughout the lifecycle.


The Gosimat BIM Library was developed for the AUTODESK REVIT® software, which is compatible with AUTODESK REVIT 2019® version or higher and is composed with many key products from the GOSIMAT´s Portfolio!
Although, there are plug-ins conversion from AUTODESK REVIT to ARCHICAD, however, and in the case of parametric elements, this conversion process causes the lost of the  parameterization of the BIM OBJECTS and the elements is thus limited to the size of the project.

With this contribution, we intend to support all those who wish to optimize their work methods and include in their projects the accurate and reliable information about our products, following them from the conceptual phase, through execution, until the work simulation on a virtual environment.
Find out now the GOSIMAT BIM LIBRARY!


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