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Chestnut Marron

Chestnut Marron

  • Reference: 1VTH | Chestnut Marron

Vinyl Touch Door


Vinyl door.
Relief texture.

Honeycomb | Agglomerated | EPS

Standard dimensions:
- Widths (mm): 600 | 650 | 700 | 750 | 800
- Heights (mm): 2000
- Thickness (mm): 40 

Standard French dimensions:
- Widths (mm): 630 | 730 | 830
- Heights (mm): 2040
- Thickness (mm): 40

Only available with the line on the vertical direction.
Other measures available subject to price increase.
Large doors available by request.

Performance options:

Glazing Option:
Possibility of placing a glazing opening on the door! Check here all the solutions:


Informative and Commercial Document Informative and Commercial Document Download
Technical sheet - Glazing Option Technical sheet - Glazing Option Download
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