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Fire hinged door frame (1 Foil)

MOISTUTE RESISTANT MDF DOOR FRAME for hinged doors of 50 mm (EI 30) or 55 mm (EI 60) thickness.

Frame kit includes:

- Moisture resistant MDF 40mm jambs
- Plywood architraves: 70x14 (vertical) | 70x12 (horizontal)
- Rubber acoustic seal
- Intumescent strip

Wood | Vinyl | Lacquered
Manufacturing of other colors or dimensions under request.

Maximum dimensions:
Width: 1100 mm
Height: 2400  mm
Thickness: 96 | 116 | 136 | 156 | 176 mm

- Options: hinges, locks and handles.
- We have the mechanization service for the doors and door frames (hardware opening and assembly).
- Ready to apply on site.           

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