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XPS Slat Wall Panel GS 120 006 | 120 x 12 mm

XPS Slat Wall Panel GS 120 006 | 120 x 12 mm

  • Reference: 41.0501.003

Slat Wall Panel for wall, ceiling and furniture coverings.



Solutions that value your space!

The new GS 120 | 006 XPS Slat Wall Panel is a high quality and very versatile decorative element that provides an amazing feeling of comfort and harmony to any space. It fully allows to create the pictured aesthetic of the most demanding customer, thanks to its perfect combination  between quality and design in an outstanding and eye catching product.  Also its excellent technical features provide an acoustic and thermal conditions optimization within the living space.
This is the power of the slatted panels, which are increasingly becoming a trend in the architecture and  home decor world and in this case, highlighted by the wide range of distinctive and avant-garde patterns of our GS 120 | 006 XPS Slat Wall Panel!



- Cut the slatted bar to the desired height;
- Place double-sided tape and glue and seal on the back of the slatted bar;
- Apply to the wall, pressing the bar for better fixation;
- If necessary, use the complements available for finishing.

Installation: Use glue for XPS without solvents. 



Note: Without UV protection. Do not install in direct sun light.


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