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  • Unico - Sliding door pocket frame

Pocket frame UNICO


Pocket frame for sliding doors

The base model of the entire OPENSPACE series consists of a single embedded pocket frame for a wooden or glass sliding door application. UNICO presents a tremendous versatility of use, being the ideal solution for saving space in homes, commercial spaces and hotels.

Available options:
EASY SOFT brake damper



Application type: Drywall | Plaster
Door type: Wood | Glass
Max. door weight: 80 kg
Pocket frame thickness: 70 | 90 mm
Min. wall thickness: 96 | 116 mm

KIT Includes:

- 2 trolleys;
- 1 stop;
- 2 standard door brackets;
- 2 door buffer stops;
- 1 metallic floor guide;
- Fastening screws;
- 3,5x19 mm screws (for the plasterboard version).

Assembly Instrucions
Informative and Commercial Document

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